Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Meow Like a Pirate for Rotton Rumpys Gotcha Day

We arrr all meowin lak pirate cats taday me hearty's
That we are Barnacle Budd Tee Hee

I hope ye are going to give me my Gotcha Day Pawty
Its a day late already!
No worries on that Rotton Rumpy

Yarr Beastly Buttons there had best be a hearty pawty
or I will loose the cannons

I tell ya Rotton Rumpy that there will be a pawty to die fur
In fact I have to go to the gun deck to announce it

Terrible Toby, lets show Rotton a grand pawty with noise makers
Break open the gunpower ta shoot ye big cannon

Yaar Beastly this pirate cat will land a ball between a dogs eyes

Captain Terrible ah gotz da goodies ready ta serve
Well done Barnacle Budd
I think the swab is a bit thin skinned Captain.
Evil Einstein waited over a week.

That he be furst mate Fearless, that he be...

Rotten Rumpy we got ye a Not Rotten cake
Evil Einstein will lead us in song
Umm, do I have a choice
Sorry, Captains choice
Happy Gotcha Day to ye
Happy Gotcha Day to ye
Cause ye be a grand pirate cat!
Happy Gotcha Day to ye

Yay Rotton, Way to go, Ye da cat, What a crewmate, Ye arr a fine cat, Cut ye cake with my saber!
Thank ye crew! Thank ye!

Cant ye give me an Kali da Kutie space ya swab!
Ohh Barnacle you are my main man cat Tee Hee
I am just looking fur...
Up here ye floof brain. I said the top deck!
Sorry Shoo the Scary, Sorry
Get up here and cuddle ye swab
Wow be right there

Thanks ye fur comin to thee Gotcha Day Pawty of all time!

Capt Terrible Tim
Terrible Toby
Kali the Cutie from Canadian Cats
Barnacle Buddy Budd
Rotton Rumpy 
Fearless Fitz
Beastly Buttons
Evil Einstein
Shoo the Scary from Canadian Cats
One Eyed Pete

Monday, September 18, 2017

Oh Why Me

So here I am and I ask you Why Me?
I try and be a good kitty, really I do.
And still I am at the bottom of the barrel, thrown under the
bus, last in line, called late fur supper.

Rumpy you never get called late for supper. You are always
first in line. I am sorry about today.

Are you, *sniff, sniff*, I feel lost and...
Don't push it!
So what happened?
Rumpy I just had things to do for our new place.
And that's more important than Me?
No. I just was tired on Sunday night and totally forgot.
How can you furget My Got-Cha Day?
I was going to put the post together and... Sorry!
Tell you what. Tomorrow we will have your pawty
as you all Meow Like Pirates!

That sounds like fun. 
I guarantee it will be
Cool, thanks Dad!

Friends stop by tomorrow for Rumpy's late Got-cha Day and Meow Like Pirates, Arrrr
Ya better or Ruffian Rumpy will make ya walk the plank Arrrr!

Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Dad Pete

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Until We Meet Again Bill

Today we remember Bill. He was a man who loved his family, his dear wife Sharon and lovely Allie. He had been ill for some time but we were all sending prayers and purrs that he would heal and return to his family. 
Sometimes, for reasons we cannot know, those we love are called home much to early. He is now with family and friends who have gone before. He will await the day we all meet again in the land of sun and love. 

Please visit Sharon, Allie and Raz at
Friends FurEver

Your love for each other shines through friends. Bill watch over us until the day we all meet again

We all send our love and support!

Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Miss Fitz
Mr Buttons
Dad Pete

Friday, September 15, 2017

NIp Or Knot

All of us and Dad Pete send our Purrs and Prayers to
Sharon, Raz and Allie on the loss of Dad Bill.
Please visit and lend support at
Friends FurEver

Whoa! Dad! Thanks fur this fine primo Nip!
Ahhhhh, that is some good stuff!

I really have the good life
Mmmmm... Purrfect...

You have that right! So Yummy!
*Licky, Lick, Lickity-Lick*

Hey! Einstein!
Get Away from MY Nip!

Timmy why not share a little?
The kid always gets goodies. He should leave MY Nip alone
He may not.
He takes the Nip he gets a Knot! Right on top of his floofy head!
Whoa Cat

Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Dad Pete

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday Einstein

Our Einstein was 4 years old on September 8th and we love him! 
He sure has grown up bi... well maybe not big but floofy, hee hee
Toby I have seen Grasshopper give you a whapping so quiet down 
He shur done did dat Rumperz. Hah. Ah shur likin my lil'pal!
Einstein you are a cutie. It's nice you have a special lady cat!
Einie you are such a cutie wutie kitty cat. Ugh. Hisssss
Buttons stop that right this instant or I will give you something to hiss about!
Mr B you hiss at us all but give it a break for the Pawty. We have guests coming.
Oh... Hisssss... Alright... Fur you Timmy... 
Sorry friends. Family can be difurcult at times but we love em

Here's Timmy with the Cake
Dad made this with your favorite, Salmon
Make a wish and  blow out the candle Grasshopper
Einstein, Einstein, Einstein
You are so cute little floofy fellow tee hee

He iz aint he Kali, Har Har. Way ta go lil'feller
No Hisses but well wishes floofy fellow
Love you my main man cat
Love you too Shoko

Make a wish and blow out your candle
I wish, I wish *Puff*

Meow-Wow I got my Wish! I have Shoo!
Thank Mew fur being my gal!

Hey Kitties. I just finished the noms and will put out the plates.
I have extra toys and nip fur after you eat. My boy has furst pick!

Einie my floofy man lets start with the Lobster Thermidor
That is a great pick! Wheee its my Birthday!

My sweet Buddy Budd lets eat fine filet! Tee Hee
Yoo gotta pick dat dis bloo fella be lovin Kali dear, yummerz

Lets rip up this chick-hen!
Yeah Rumpy great idea!
Now fellows I want a leg!
You may have two my dearest Fitz
Now Toby what if I...
I may get hissy like some others have!
Alright Alright

Friends feel free to have whatever you want. There is plenty!

Broiled Lobster Tail

Baked Chick-Hen

Filet Migon with Bacon

Butterfly Fried Real Live Dead Shrimps

Lobster Thermidor

Real Live Dead Shrimp Coctail 

Feline Wines

Hot Chocolate 

Takez a bitta timer ta wrest aftur ya eatz. Den we have da fun!

Oh Buddy, you are my in charge big blue! Tee Hee
Datz mah gal Har Har Har

Right out back we have Fresh Blooming nip
Grab some and come back in to roll around

Einstein I got you a new Nip Nanner and some fur the guests
You can take them home

There are Nip Mice fur you and your gal Shoko and all the guests
Thanks Dad. You are the best!
Thanks so much Mr C. It is so nice of you
You are welcome you two
Thanks Dad! Friends enjoy the nip mousies, nanners and kitty wine. If you want please feel free to stay over. We have lots of room. We will have kitty bags to take whatever extra we have left home.

Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Kali from Canadian Cats
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Shoko from Canadian Cats
Einstein the Birthday Boy
Miss Fitz 
Mr Buttons 
Dad Pete Taking Care of Biznit

Monday, September 11, 2017

We Remember 911

Friends when we thought about things and talked as a family we decided to have Einsteins Birthday on Wednesday and keep today as the day it should be: A day to remember 911.

Please join us in taking some time today to remember

Stop by on Wednesday fur Einsteins Birthday Pawty!

Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Miss Fitz
Mr Buttons
Dad Pete

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Selfie Sunday: Einsteins Birthday

Make sure you visit The Cat on My Head to see all our
friends Sunday Selfies.
And come by our Bloggie tomorrow for Einsteins Birthday Pawty

Please send Purrs and Prayers to Friends FurEver to
support Raz and Allie's Daddy Bill

Einstein is enjoying his Birthday Nip so much he didn't
even hear me saying he was our Sunday Selfie this week

What did you want Timmy? What... Oh...
Can't a cat enjoy their Birthday Nip without
Flashy Box Bother

Remember to stop by Monday fur Einstein's Birthday Pawty!

Timmy - Choosing Right - Tomcat 
Einstein - Birthday Boy

Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday with Fitz: Meow-Suh

Hey! Missy Fitz can't catch the fevver, can't catch the fevver!
Its Miss Fitz to you! Full of yourself don't cha think. Fev.
You have nothing fur me. Cat!

Oooo... I'm so scared...
Rawr, Fisst!
Goodness. I had heard so much about Missy Fitz and...


Please let me go Miss Fitz!
Who's  the cat!
You are the Cat! You are fur sure!

My work here is done
Quite the undermeow there Miss Fitz
Hee Hee I did show him didn't I
You Betcha

Timmy Tomcat - Impawtial Obserfur
Miss Fitz - The Queen of Mean
Fevver - A slow learner

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Nip and Not

Oh little Nippy Fishie how I love you!

Oh Yes! You are the spotted Nippy Fishie of my dreams!

Hold it a sec... *Nibble, Nibble*
Ahhh much better

Now where were we
We? We? There is no WE!

Hey I had an itch and...
I am your Nip, Not!

Miss Fitz treats a Nippy Fish with care and compassion
Right, like when she rips you open
Well... Um...

Timmy - Comfort is King - Tomcat
Spotted - Strong Willed - Fishy 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Happy No-Labor Day

Me and Miss Fitz would like to welcome you to our Annual
No-Labor Day Picnic
Have fun and eat all you want!

Are we ready? I'm Starving!
It will be a minute yet Rumpy
Oh stop whining! Hey where is Buddy Budd?

That is some mystery as there is food and no Big BlueHe is getting something ready and then getting the gals
How nice that the Canadian Cats are coming
My gal Shoko is sooo beautiful *Sigh*
Wow! You have it bad Einstein MOL
Yoooo! ah backer home'z agin!

Hi Buddy Budd, Hello Kali, Shoko
Shoo come over and sit with me
Alright my Floofy Fellow
Does he keep sighing when he is with you Shoko?
Um, Er, Ah, Toby you shouldn't say...
No worries Einie. I know you wuv me my widdle foofy manny
I do so my pwetty darks and bootifur kitten
Ech, baby talk, give me my sandwich quick
Haa Haa Rumpy you are too much. Who wants another burger?
I will take one Buttons, extra rare please
Kali yoo an me'z gonna go overz dere
Tee Hee where are we going my Big. Handsome. Blue?
Jus yoo waitin ta see'in

Dis iz mah very ownz Secret Summerz Gardenz!
Ah want ta share it wit yoo an only yoo Kali my sweet
It's Beautiful Buddy Budd. I love it. Thank You!
Kissy, Cuddle, Embrace, Caress
Cuddle, Kissy, Caress, Embrace

Come on Einstein show your gal what kind of cat you are!
Return this serve Timmy Tomcat, SWAP!

Friends join in the fun of Volley Ball or just sit and nom. 
I am on the grill so place your orders
Thanks Mr Buttons. I have more blankets so relax all.
That's my gal Fitz
You betch my big Panfur boy 
Where are my cat treatttttssssssssssss.....
Rumpy here is another bag. Go over there and be quiet
Can I have another bag or three?

Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Miss Fitz
Mr Buttons