Monday, August 29, 2016

What are Friends Fur

Ah neverz seen-a cat more cleanlinezz den yoo Timmerz
*Snorfle, Nibble, Nip-Lick*

Whazzat? *Lickity-Lick*
Yoo hear me'z, Yoo too much a dat kitty kleen!
Why the laser eyes my buddy Buddy Budd? Are you upset
seeing Rumpy and Einstein clean each other like good pals.
Umm... Well...

You are my big pal Buddy!
*Nibble, Nibble*

What chu doin...
Relax and enjoy Buddy.

Ohhhh... Yezzzz... da earz
Oh, you like that do you
*Nibble-Nibble, Lick-Lickity*

Yez. Yoo mah good pal Timmerz.
I sure am Buddy Budd, I sure am

Timmy Tomcat
Buddy Budd

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

We at the Tomcat home are joining in with Zee & Zoey's Cat Chronicles for:

Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for this logo

We have our family Angels in no particular order as they each hold a special place in our hearts. We love and miss you dear Angels and know that you are waiting for our reunion in the years to come. Pee Girl, Inky, Big Head, Amber and Coco we love you!

Little Peep really loved Dad and he felt the same about her. She got her name from her tiny peeping meow and was also known as
Pee Girl. She came before our current family. She loved being a Mom and was from the time before Dad knew about the importance of spay, neuter.

She loved having kittens and would work really hard to get out
to meet her paramours no matter what Dad did. She was so
attached to Dad that she would only have her kittens with
him next to her. She would hold her kitting until he was home
and he would have to keep petting her or at least keep his hand
next to her in the kitting  box. Here she is with Inky. This
was her last litter as one got stuck and she needed emergency surgery. She kept him close until the day she left for the Bridge.
She would sleep on top of Dad every night and she is missed.

Inky was Pee Girls last kitten and she loved him to bits. She would look for him if he was not close by calling him with her tiny peep meows. He would cuddle with her like a kitten even though he was bigger than she was.

Here he is doing the Inky Dink Dance. He would do this just out of reach acting like he was getting a good fuss. Dad called Inky the Self Petting Cat. He would rub on every thing and purr like mad while Dad talked to him. He also slept with Dad but never
touching. Always just an inch or two beyond reach. Dad kept checking to see if he had a ruler stashed somewhere. MOL.
He loved water and drank tons everyday. Dad feels that is why
he lived to 22 years young. Love you little man

Say Hello to Big Head aka Stinker. Dad met him through his ex-wife. She did not believe in Neutering so he would spray in her apartment hence the name. He would also wander. After he was gone for 2 weeks and came home a bit rough she relented and Dad took him for a snip. A while after that he moved in with Dad and had a great time keeping the house safe from introoders. 

Head would patrol the house making a circuit every hour or two.
He would stop in front of the garage until Dad saw him. He would stop doing any metal work and head would stroll in for a nice head rub. After that he would go into the pump room waiting for the door to be opened if it was not. He would check all the corners and then come out to check behind all the tool boxes. He would head out and give Dad a look like "All is well" and finish the yard patrol. If he saw a dog or cat in the yard he would start walking towards the introoder. Every 10 feet he would increase his speed. Walk, faster walk, fast walk, trot, fast trot, run, CHARGE. Usually by the trot the introoder would see him and watch for a few seconds until bolting. Something about his coming on would scare dogs much larger than Stinkers 22 pounds. Then again who would want to face 22 pounds of P. O'ed Cat. MOL.
He loved Dad and would climb on him to take a nap daily. Sit with him on the porch and lay next to him in bed. We know you are on patrol in the skies so watch over us dear Stinker.

 Then again who would want to face 22 pounds of P. O'ed Cat. MOL. He loved Dad and would climb on him to take a nap daily. Sit with him on the porch and lay next to him in bed.
Here is his Catster Man-Cat-at-Work photo. 
We know you are on patrol and working hard in the skies so please watch over us dear Stinker.

Amber was Dad's Sister's kitty. She lived outside most of the time and always looked like she was smiling. Her orange fur was really fine and soft and she would rub it all over Dad or who ever was close by.

We did not know how old Amber was as she was a rescue from the streets. She never lost her love of people and it is amazing that a cat so full of caring and love would be left behind. She had some health issues that became apparent and Dad insisted he take over her care. It made for some bad feelings but she got the care she needed and was given an extra 6 months. See you on that day we all face dear Amber.
Coco was Dad's Mom's kitty. Dad's sister took care of him after Mom passed and he was happy for some time. He was an inside outside kitty and one day he did not come home. We did flyers and posted at the local SPCA and veterinarians to no avail.
On the day he went missing Dad saw some signs that there was some kind of disturbance on the porch. He did not tell his sister as that would have gotten her even more upset.
Long story sort a month later sister got a call from a person who worked across the street from our home. She had been on short term leave and had found Coco on her last day. She said he was in rough shape so she took him to the vet and cared for him.
Wow how amazing was that!
After he came home sister still let him roam outside but Dad insisted on keeping him inside. Another family fracas as with Amber. Dad won out and Coco moved inside. He was a real nice guy who loved running under the covers at bedtime. We would wrestle and play and did until the day he left for the Bridge.
See you soon dear Coco, see you soon

Thanks for taking the time to visit. We love our Angels and will visit yours. While our time here may be short Love is Forever!
Now lets Hop!

Timmy Tomcat
Dad Pete

Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday with Fitz: Saving Dad!

Dad! Whew, so glad you are alright.
What do you mean Fitzie?

The little soft end from your walking stick tried to run
away but I was too fast fur it.

I was wondering why my cane was slippery in the kitchen
Thanks so much Fitz

I was so afraid you would fall I waited right here so I
could warn you.

Very good work! That one split so I will put on a new cane-tip. You can keep that one to show your brofurs.

I will teach them to keep an eye out for them sneaking away.
I feel very safe with you in charge of this and watching 

over me Miss Fitz 

It's a tough job but I am here fur you Dad

Miss Fitz on Duty

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Nappy Time with Buddy

Lookin lak Nappy Timez are here!

Can yoo magine dat Rumperz had da audiocity ta say ah
hadda wet hed

That totelee fantastical

Eezee to obverse dat mah hed not wet

Mah hed fur be wet, not mah whole hed

He gotta git up Earl-lee to pull dat one overz 

Didja know dat our English cousin was high up in Parleement and hiz Dad wazza Chinese Tong. Good ol cuz Earl-Lee...
Yessir ah stickin to it

Buddy Budd