Monday, February 19, 2018

#ChewyInfluencer: I and Love and You Grain Free Pate Cat Food

Grain Free and comes in Chicken me Out recipe, Oh My Cod recipe and Purrky Turkey recipe 

Right from the start we really had our tails in the air as we love Pate of all kinds. In fact Dad insists we, except the geriatric fellow, should eat wet food.
Psshaw yoo kidz. Ah likin mah dry noms
No problem Buddy

From Chewy: 

Hurry up and get the can opener, because your cat is drooling for the I and Love and You Variety Pack Pate Grain-Free Canned Cat Food. Made with whole meat plus real fruits and vegetables, these grain-free, protein-packed recipes will make your cat unconditionally love and adore you–or, at the very least, stop giving you those searing looks of disdain. It’s packed with essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, so you can give your favorite feline the balanced nutrition she needs along with the meaty flavors she craves, whether they're a kitten, adult or senior. And with no artificial colors or fillers, corn or wheat, and zero gluten or by-product meals, you’ll love feeding these savory foods to your furry best friend as much as she loves eating them.

Key Benefits
Grain-free, gluten-free and all-natural recipes provide perfectly balanced nutrition with the wholesome goodness of real fruits and veggies.
Real chicken, cod or turkey is the first ingredient for a natural boost of protein without by-product meals, artificial flavors or fillers.
Lovingly made in the USA with only the highest quality, most responsibly sourced and wholesome ingredients available.
Chock full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as well as omega-6 and 3 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat.
Variety pack contains four cans each of Chicken Me Out Pate, Oh My Cod! Pate, and Purrky Turkey Pate recipes.


Dad gave us the I and You and Love Pate at our normal dinner time and we said... hmm...

Dad popped two Oh My Cod. One Purrky Turkey and two Chicken me out cans. I liked the Oh My Cod right off the go!

I ate the Chicken Me Out.
I started with the Purrky Turkey

No matter what the stinky boy-cats say I liked the Oh My Cod.

I always clean my plate fur Dad.
I do like saving little bits for later MOL

We did a little of the old "Share the Plate" game.

I will try the Chicken Me Out.

You do that. I will polish off the Oh My Cod.

Dad gathered up the Chicken Me Out put it in our regular bowls. We ate it up by morning. He says we were a bit off on the day of the test but since have polished off every can. We really nommed the Chicken Me Out, liked the Purrky Turkey and loved the Oh My Cod.

We give: I and Love and You Grain Free Pate Cat Food

 4 Paws up

Dad here. It was firm in the can and looks high quality. The cans are pop top and easy to open. Toby licks out all our cans and says he wants a bit more juice but he is silly that way.

We received I and Love and You Grain Free Pate Cat Food from Chewy at no cost for our honest and unbiased opinion. 
Chewys has has free shipping on orders $49.00 and over and flat rate shipping on other orders. We are enrolled in the Auto-Ship program that sends us our chosen products when we want them. We can cancel or add things to Auto-Ship at any time. It is so conveinient.
We thank Chewy for including us in the #ChewyInfluencer program and look furward to giving our unbiased opinion of Diffurent Cat Products.

Tomcat Home Spokes Cat: Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Miss Fitz
Dad Pete

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Selfie Sunday with Einstein

Please The Cat on My Head to see all the great Selifes

Well friends here we are, and, of course, I was snagged to do the Sunday Selfie honors. Now I don't usually mind but...
Can you believe the choice of photo. A close up of my handsome face with my ear floof just purrfect, nah. One with me sitting showing off my luxurious, totally without equal, tailio, nope.
I get a long shot from when I was looking for that pesky red dot.

Come on Dad, give me something I can work with

Buddy here. Ah got importanz thingz to tell yoo all

Mah dearezt friend frum Crotchety Cougars, Kit, went home to da Bridge on Feb 10ther. She was so loved by Dad Terry and family. Pleeze go an say farewell to dear Sister Kit at Brians Home.
Missy You mah little gal, sniff.

Also our dearezt frend Puck from Bad Cat Chris had to suddenlyz run home over da Rainbowz Bridger. He haz had issues like Tomcatz get but this timer hiz heart suddenly stopped. He waz a young fella. Pleeze give your carin and lovin to his familyz 
Pleeze visiter all our fren
Einie don't be complainin. Life iz gud gud gud! 
Hiya Kali

Buddy Budd
Kali  From The Canadian Cats

Friday, February 16, 2018

King of the Hill, Part Duex

That silly Rumpy thinks he is King of the Hill.
I am the True King!

I am the one with the correct Catitude
I own the heights and all I survey

Born Feral I am a fierce hunter
I now go to the plains to find unsuspecting prey

Hi Dad. Can I have a little bite of your sammich?
Sure little fella!

Some Grrrreat Hunter MOL
Hush Rumpy. Let the little fellow alone
But I am...

Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Miss Fitz

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Buddy Budd and Family Valentines Pawty

Hey mah Frenz! Welcomer to mah Big Valentiny Pawty! Yez da rez uf da fambly is here tooz. Lez all git ta havvin FUN!

Let me intruuduce the Cat uf Honors!
Mah Kali who ah lovez!

Oh Buddy... I love yoo you too

An ah made ya a Cardy
Oh Buddy. I love it and you too!

Wowzer Meowzer

I have my girl here too. You are soo cute Shoko
Thanks Einie. You are pretty hot yourself

Do you like your card? 
Einie I love your sense of humor!
*Hug n Kissy*


And Sweet Dora is here with me
Oh Timmy You are Sweet too

I will do that and more my Sweet!
 You already do my Main Man-Cat


Me and Toby are each others valentines
Yes we are my dearest Fitz
Oh my big handsome Panfur
My dainty yet fierce kitty cat
Did you make each other a card?
No, we were too busy...
Hush, Toby. You just Hush
Yes my sweetness

Now lez eet an...
Hold on Buddy we have more cards
Reely? Les see-em

Dad. Thanks fur giving us the Best Furever Home!
Mr B even got a pass to come sign it
Awww... Thanks my dear Furs.
I have one fur you too!

Do you like it?
Yes, Fur-Sure, Absolutely, Love you Dad, Purrs to you Dad,
Love you soo much, Prrrrrttttt

And we have one for the most impawtent of all. 

Our friends who come to our Blog. You mean everything to us.
You laugh along and give us support when we need it
Thank You! Thanky! You are Great! We love you! Purrs from all,
Angel Kitty Dust to you all!
Did you buy my book?

Rumpy this is not a time fur crass commercialism. 
Well, if not, I have a card fur someone I think is just purrfect.
Wow, really, I wonder who the lucky cat is? Lets see it

The best cat Ever: ME!

Dear Rumpy you are the Smartest!
Did you say Best Looking
Yes, you are a very Handsome and well behaved kitty

Ummm... Wit dat... Les Nom Alrighty Righty!

Dere be yummy yum yum cakez

Gud, Gud, Gud Mice Cream Floats
No Nip in dese fur all agerz

More Cakez dat are Tasteeeeeeeeee!

An Adult Kittah NipTinis dat pack a punch
Les hav sum. Then we'z can canoodle. OK Kali

Canoodle sounds purrfect Buddy. Tee Hee

See ya latr frenz have fun

Buddy Budd
Kali  From The Canadian Cats
Timmy Tomcat
Dora from Cat Scouts
Toby Tomcat
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Angel Mr Buttons
Miss Fitz
Shoko from The Canadian Cats
Dad Pete